Iran Mehr Boutique Hotel is one of the most beautiful hotels in Shiraz with its Qajar architecture and museum-like appearance.
This historic mansion dates back to the middle of the Qajar period (about 225 years ago) and belongs to the descendants of the family of Fasat al-Dawlah Shirazi, who was one of the great celebrities of Iran.
The restoration of this historical building was done in 2015 by Mr. Alireza Zakir Abbas Ali, who owned this building for three years.
A beautiful boutique hotel with 14 rooms in a three-story building and a professional and friendly staff that welcomes guests and tourists from all over the world with the motto “Hospitality is our culture”.

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Unique rooms and colored windows facing the yard, which reflect the beautiful water of the pond and the dance of light next to the massage room and traditional bath with a variety of relaxation massages, treatments and professional masseurs are the best place and time for a dream stay. Know that the hour of peace is your right!
This mansion is located in the center of the Zandiyeh complex and in the heart of the historical alleys of Vakil Bazaar, the same as the passageways of Vakil al-Raaya.
Proximity and excellent access to many historical and scenic attractions of Shiraz is one of the prominent advantages of Iranmehr Boutique Hotel.

Mirza Mohammad Nasir al-Hosseini, born in 1233 solar in Shiraz and died in 1299 solar in Shiraz, nicknamed “Mirza Agha” who used the surname Fasat in poetry and is better known as Fasat Shirazi, was a poet, writer, painter, traveler, musician and writer from Iran. .
With a strong vision and awareness of the knowledge and art of the time, Fasseh used to study the social, cultural, and architectural situation of that region wherever he traveled and illustrated it in his book “Ajam’s Works”. With the scrutiny he had in examining historical and ancient monuments and social and economic conditions…