Authentic Iranian food

Iranmehr restaurant welcomes its guests by serving a variety of delicious authentic Iranian dishes. You can experience the memorable taste of traditional Iranian food in this boutique hotel.

Varied menu for lunch and dinner

Iranmehr Boutique Hotel will host all your moments in its restaurant with a varied and extensive menu including: Tabrizi meatballs, Qorme Sabzi, Dizi, Nisar ghee, Techin, Kebab, Baghali pilaf with muscle, Mirzakasami, Eggplant curd, etc.

Cook food in the best way

In Iranmehr restaurant, the best cooking methods such as grilling, oven, steaming, grilling, boiling, etc. are done in the best and healthiest way. In our cooking methods, attention is paid to the amount of heat used in cooking food in order to preserve its properties in addition to being delicious.

Table reservation at a reasonable cost

By reserving a table at Iranmehr restaurant, you can spend a pleasant time with your family and loved ones. Reservations will be possible through Iranmehr Hotel boutique contact numbers.