A very beautiful and traditional space

Iranmehr Cafe has a very beautiful and traditional atmosphere. Part of the cafe is designed in the open space and the other part is designed in the closed space. Iranmehr Cafe will proudly host your happy moments with your family and friends.

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All kinds of tasty drinks

Iranmehr Cafe is ready to serve dear customers every day from morning to 12 midnight. All kinds of drinks are served in this coffee shop. You can order everything from milkshakes and coffee to tasty argijat in the menu of Iranmehr Cafe.

Colorful and delicious desserts

In addition to delicious and varied drinks, Iranmehr Cafe also serves many desserts and cakes for those interested. All desserts in Iranmehr Cafe are prepared with fresh ingredients. Therefore, you can enjoy their health and quality along with their unique taste.

The most diverse food in Iranmehr Cafe

Iranmehr Cafe serves wonderful food in addition to drinks and desserts. You can taste a variety of foods such as lasagna and pasta in the wonderful and traditional environment of Iranmehr.